Iranshahr hotel 3*

Iranshahr Hotel is one of the oldest hotels and has a great history in Iran. It was opened in 1953 in the name of Loozan Hotel by late Hossein Ali Alborz, the founder of Alborz Cultural Institute.It was renovated in 1981 by new management and began work in the name of Iranshahr Hotel.This Hotel has 48 single and double rooms, suites and apartments, that all are equipped with the nicest possible way along with modern facilities.Kashkool traditional restaurant provides relaxing environment and beautiful and nice moments for guests with Iranian and foreign cuisine.Hotel lobby and coffee shop, serving hot and cold drinks and desserts, are ready to welcome guests in a pleasant and refreshing place.

Description: for those people who are interested in places like Paris grand café, this hotel because of its closeness to artists communication center will give you a chance to meet Iranian's artists. 

These are the nearest attractions to the hotel:

  • Honarmandan (artists) Park and café 
  • St. Sarkis church
  • Former US embassy
No. 75, Southern Iranshahr St., Between Sommayeh and Enghelab Ave.,Tehran, Iran
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