Ferdowsi hotel 4*

Ferdowsi international hotel is located at Ferdowsi street ,one of the main streets of Tehran in the heart of the city.Hotel's Renovations and improvements have brought pleasant and modern changes to the appearance and exponent of the hotel yet it also has the touch of Persian heritage as well.This hotel has 224 rooms including, suites, and royal suites.The hotel offers traditional and modern Iranian cuisine as well as international cuisine and a buffet.There are several dinning and modern conference halls, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and other recreational sporting facilities plus fast wireless with Wi-Fi technology for connecting to the internet.

Description: Wise men say: if you want to see Tehran easily and enjoy your stay choose hotel Ferdowsi.

From this well-located hotel you can reach the following list of attractions on Foot:

  • Archeological museum(Iran bastan)
  • Golestan palace
  • Post museum
  • Ebrat museum
  • Coin museum
  • Glass and ceramic museum(Abgine)
  • Tehran grand bazaar
  • Treasury of national jewels
  • Abgine museum
  • Park-e-shahr


No.20 Kooshk e Mesri st. Ferdowsi Ave, Tehran, Iran
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