Historical cities-Khorramabad

Khorramabad is the capital city of Lorestan Province.  Lurs live here since the days of the Assyrians. This ethnic group has a certain feature: they are not warriors' people, they fought just one time in history during the Ottoman Empire attack. Lurs were the first who made peace with the Achaemenids and also the first people that translate Koran to farsi .

          In center of city, on the top of a large hill, there is a tall citadel called Falak-ol-Aflak , a relic of the Sassanid era. It was built by Shapur the first of the Sassanian dynasty, and is recognized as an important historical monument of the Sassanid era. Under the Pahlavi dynasty, after being used as a prison, it was transformed into a museum of bronze. Also Khoramabad is famous for its beautiful nature that surrounded the city one of this beautiful valley is "kuh makhmali".

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