Historical cities-Ardabil

Ardabil Province, located in the north of Iran, along the coast of the Caspian Sea, has unique natural landscapes and historic sites. Foundation date of Ardabil is unknown but for the first time it mentioned during the last Sassanid's.

          The architectural complex of the Sheikh Safi al-Din mausoleum, countain a tomb, prayer hall and a mosque were built to honor famous Islamic Sufi Sheikh Safi al-Din. Safi al-Din was a significant historical figure, a representative of the Safavid dynasty and the founder of Sufi-dervish order.

          Juma Mosque (Great Mosque), represents the remains of a grand and unique mosque, which continually were formed in different Islamic era, especially in Seljuk era (X-XIII c.), and flourished until the beginning of the Safavid era. According to the latest results of archaeological excavations, it is believed that the Juma Mosque Ardabil was built on the site of another building, dating back to the period of the Sassanid.

In addition to the historic attractions of Ardabil, beautiful terrain of the area also attracts nature lovers, especially climbers. Sabalan Mountain is the second highest mountain peak in Iran with the height of 4811 meters above sea level, each year in the spring and summer, hosts thousands of climbers. Sabalan is an inactive stratovolcano and has a permanent crater lake formed at its summit.

In Ardebil like every part of Iran there is an ancient cemetery named Shahriery, which dates to 3500 BC, but the antiquity found there are dated up to 7000 years BC!

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