Historical cities-Urmia

excavations of the ancient ruins near Urmia led to the discovery of utensils that date back to 2000 years B.C. The hills, in the vicinity of Urmia, are the same age as the oldest mounds of Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. There is an assumption that the area of the ancient Urmia is one of the origin centers for Assyrian civilization. There traces of the ancient Zoroastrians were also found here.

Urmia belonged to Urartu kingdom of the Medes 900B.C and later to the persian empires. The city was seized by the Seljuk Turks, and later occupied a number of times by the Ottoman Turks. The first monarch of Iran's Qajar dynasty, Agha Muhammad Khan, was crowned in Urmia in 1795.

As we know from the Gospel of Matthew when three biblical sages, that widely believed to have been higher hierarchies of Zaroastrism, Persian Magi returned from the Middle East, they founded a temple in this city. later over there Church of the Virgin Mary were built around the 2nd century.

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