Historical cities-Zanjan

Zanjan is the city, which in ancient times the Greeks called Aganzanast.  In 170 BC this city was first mentioned by Claudius Ptolemy. Some historians put forward the theory that Zanjan was built by Ardashir I, the founder of the Sassanid dynasty.

This city is famous for three reasons: the first is a Dome, Soltanieh, that construction of which started by Ilhan Argun Hulaguid from 1284 to 1291. This dome is the earliest Dom which has two layers. For a long time Soltanieh dome was the highest in the world. The second point of interest is the Dash kasan Temple, which was built during the reign of Ilkhanid dynasty, by the orders of Sultan Mohammad Khodabande sister, and the third reason for the popularity Zanjan is Takht-i Suleiman. This temple was built during the Sassanid dynasty; it was a place of pilgrimage and worshiping for army forces . Nowadays only ruins of the Temple remained and the only direct road goes there  through Zanjan.


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