Historical cities-Yazd

Yazd a wonderful city that is located in the heart of Iran. It was first mentioned in the texts in 339-420 BC. The emergence of Yazd belongs to the time of Alexander the Great invasion. This city has always been the center   of Zoroastrian culture during the time as visited by Marco Polo.

          Yazd is the city which has been preserved in its authentic form, as many centuries ago named old city or Fahadan.

The city's greatest architectural landmark is Jume Mosque, built in the XIV century. It has two tall minarets, which are the highest minarets in Iran. Yazd is well known for ancient underground water canals as a storage and distribution system for cool drinking water that named Kariz (ghanat). Even under the Achaemenids (6-4 centuries BC), Iran was cut up these complex water system.

Yazd is called the city of Wind catcher or wind towers (Badgir) a traditional ventilation system used to cool the air in homes. The highest Wind catcher in Iran is in "Dowlat Abad" garden.

Yazd's heritage as a center of Zoroastorians is also important.  Silence towers (zoroastorian cemetery) on the city outskirts and the Fire Temple are almost unique in the world.

 This fier temple holds a fire named Varahram fire has been kept alight continuously since 470 AD and maintained in a special room fenced off by the glass.

Like other historical cities in Iran Yazd has its historical complex or  Amir Chakhmaq Complex. It contains a mosques, caravanserai, tekyeh, bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery. It was built during the reign of the Timurid dynasty.

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