The ancient capitals of Iran-susa

The modern Iranian city of Susa (Shush) is now located on the site of the ancient Biblical city of Susa. This is one of the oldest well known settlements in the world. The foundation of a settlement here occurred as early as the 4th millennium BC, although the archeologists have dated the first traces of an inhabited Neolithic village to 7000 BC.

Initially, the city was the residence of the Elamite and then the Persian kings of Achaemenid dynasty. The numerous excavations that took place on this site have proven the existence of a more ancient civilization (before Elam). Though not much is known about the people who inhabited this area before Elam, but it can be said that they had their own writing, which unfortunately has not yet been deciphered.

Chogha-Zanbil is one of the few settlements as a ziggurat belongs to Elam period that has remained up to nowadays. It has a unique structure and probably the only one in its category of ancient building as a skyscraper.  

The archaeological site includes the ruins in Darius I palace an Achaemenid king that were destroyed by Alexander the Great and more with western treasury finders but in the name of science.

Another   ancient site that is not far from Sush is Shushtar, which is famous for its water mills, preserved since the Sassanian dynasty, is located close to Susa.

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