The ancient capitals of Iran-Damghan

Damghan - this city has existed for 6,000 years, but it became famous during Parthian dynasty, which made it their capital not far away there are the remains of the ancient city, which the Greeks called Hecatompylos. In Arab dynasty, it was an important city in a province Kumis. Silk Road also passed through Damghan. Tarikhaneh Mosque is in fact the oldest mosque in Iran belonging to the 1st century after arrival of Islam which still preserves its original shape. Originally it had been a fire temple during the Sassanid period, and later the mosque was built over it. One of the other interesting monuments is Togoral Tower that was built during the Seljuk dynasty; it has different style of architecture for that time. This city is also famous for another tower, which is more than 1000 years old - “Chehel Dokhtaran tower” (40 girls). An interesting fact is that this tower has never been renovated!

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